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Design of Persuasive Health Technology Project

Voor Design of Persuasive Health Technology heb ik samen met Marijn Kleijer, Marise van Noordenne, Tracey Schouten en Lara Siering een shirt ontworpen tegen stress bij verpleegkundigen


Serious Gaming project

Samen with Abel Keijzer, Teun Kok, Jasmijn Kruijshaar, Berk Öztürk, Thijs Stalenhoef heb ik een game gemaakt om revalidatie patienten te helpen met hand-arm bewegingen trainen. De blokken zichtbaar in het prototype zouden fysieke blokken moeten worden.


Data Visualization

Samen met Kristine Bardsen, Max Pijnappel, Martijn Poot en Bart Sprenkels, heb ik een interactieve data visualisatie gemaakt over gender equality; Bekijk het met onderstaande link

Data Visualization

Personal Challenge Module 6

For the sixth module, I tried audio production in FLstudio; Here you can hear the result;


Personal Challenge Module 5

For the fifth module 'New Media' of Creative Technology, I challenged myself to compose my own piano music; Here is the result


Personal Challenge Module 4

Here you can see the result of my personal challenge this module; building a smart mirror; it is not finished completely yet, but you can see the raspberry pi hardware and software working. I only wait for the mirror itself to put on top


Personal Challenge Module 2

Here you can see the result of my personal challenge this module; playing the piano


Website review of Merel van der Werf

Page review

Because Merel's site almost only consists of one page (the home page), that would be the one to review. As said, the design is very pleasing, with a consistent color scheme of blue and white, a personal background, and subtle animations everywhere. I really like the blog previews, where you can see a few posts without visiting the blog page. It also scales really well on devices with smaller screens like smartphones. I do not have any knowledge on WordPress but I think the personal elements are the logo and the blog page.


I learned a few things. Namely that every detail matters; The overall site was very pleasing to look at but because of that, the small things that are a bit off instantly jump out. I have to keep that in mind when designing my own website. And second, you don't need to have everything divided on a lot of pages. Merel's site worked well when everything but the blog was on the home page; no clicks needed to find almost everything on her site.

Merel's website



We just started with a new project in school. The assignment is to make an interactive video with a creative and engaging topic. An interactive video is a video in which the viewer decides what will happen. The viewer can for instance choose what the next action of the main character will be.

We’ve got an amazing team for the project (Janneke Kroes, Sarah Petermann, Nora Tunc, Maaike Keurhorst and me). After some brainstorming we agreed on a pretty nice storyline and we’re still working on the choices the viewer can make, but let’s give you a little preview:

You wake up and don’t recognize where you are. Your heart is pounding in your chest and you hear a loud banging coming from another room. You look around a little, still afraid of what happened and what’s to come, and find that you’re locked in a room that is functioning as some sort of cell. You try not to panic but the realization that the loud banging is the prisoner next to you doesn’t help.

It gets even crazier when you do get out and find that the world isn’t as you expected. What will happen if you’ve got a ticking time bomb reminding you that you need to get out in time? Will you find your way to the light or will you forever get stuck in a world of nightmares? You decide.

Curious or wondering what will happen next, or what the awesome sketch means? When the project is done, a site will be linked in our portfolio and you’ll be able to choose your own destiny.


Web Technology Progress


Because I already know quite a bit of html and css, I finished the framework in the first tutorial. After that, it was a lot of finetuning in css, and one by one adding pages.

To Do

I still have a lot to do about my resume; Edit away my personal details and translating it to english. then there is my portfolio/projects. I only have a concept online right now. And last, I want to do something interesting on my 'contacts' page like a contact form or a interactive google maps plug-in.