For module 8 of Creative Technology we made an interactive installation which visualizes the nutritional information about your food (video made by me).

Animated data narration

Here you can see an animation I made together with Martijn Poot and Rens van der Werff

Maya modelling

Here you can see some of my work with Maya 2018. This is model resembles the fictional "Wunderwaffe" sci-fi gun.

Digital Photography

In module three of Creative Technology I attended the cultural challenge course of digital photography, at the artez hogeschool in Enschede. It was a really cool experience, where I not only learned a lot about taking pictures with a DSLR camera, but took some amazing pictures as well. Here you see the best photos I took during the nude photoshoot at the end of the course.

Connect Four

I made a simple, but elegant game in the unity game engine; Here you can play the result.

Play Online

New Media Project

In module 5 (New Media) of Creative Technology, the project consists of a completely self designed and made game; here you can see the result.

Download game

Bus Lightyear

With this Creative Technology project (module 4), we entered the GOGbot festival and won shared first place! Credits to Evert Gulliker, Janneke Kroes, Max Pijnappel, Martijn Poot, Jesper Provoost, Kevin Smid, me and Rens van der Werff

Interactive video

R.E.M is the video made by the awesome penguin group as project for the first module. This is made in Ximpel and we will tell you a little bit about how the video works. The assignment was to make an interactive video with a creative and engaging topic. An interactive video is a video in which the viewer decides what will happen. The viewer can for instance choose what the next action of the main character will be. There are the same buttons you have when you normally watch a video. The only difference is that the video will sometimes pause and options are given. Just click on the option of your choice and sit back and enjoy the next scene. To play the video from the start again just click on the white box.

The video is made by me, Maaike Keurhorst, Sarah Petermann, Nora Tunc and Janneke Kroes.

Link to video

Zozijn Interview videos

These videos were made by Rens van der Werff and me for the Zozijn foundation, during an internship at Weevers Grafimedia. This was our first time making a video for a client. These videos are meant for volunteer reqruitment, since there are lots of volunteers needed in the care for mantally handicapped. Zozijn was very pleased with the videos. Because we got to work with a professional video production company, we got to use high-end cameras, fast work-stations and a professional voice-over.

ClayBouw Website

This is a website I made last year for someone who was starting his own company (ClayBouw Nederland). I got paid a little for it, but it was mostly a learning excercise; it helped me learn html and css, which are the only languages used in the making of this website. The owner was very happy with the result.