Virtual Reality Designer

Full stack VR developer and interaction designer

3D Content

Skilled at Modelling, Texturing and Animation techniques using 3D tools like autodesk Maya.

Programming & Game Development

Very familiar with programming concepts, and expert at game design and development with the Unity game engine.

UX Design

Knowledgeable in the field of Human Computer Interaction. Also proficient in the design and animation of UI & 2D graphics.


Creative Technologist and passionate about Virtual Reality. I apply my skills in technology and design to create innovative solutions in the field of healthcare and entertainment. My best work can be seen in PlaygroundVR, where I help develop a virtual playground for children in hospitals. Interested in app/web/game development and design? Get in contact at the bottom of the page.


PlaygroundVR is the virtual playground for children in hospitals where they can meet each other, talk and create their own games, together. They feel like they are back in the playground through Virtual Reality and forget the hospital environment for a while. Up to eight children can play simultaneously in the virtual playground. The children put the headset on and they can see each other through a virtual avatar in the environment.

I have been the Lead Developer for PlaygroundVR since December 2018. With a great team of five people, we design and build the virtual playgroud, and try to bring it to children at hospitals and homes in the Netherlands.


Creative Technology

In march 2020, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Creative Technology at the University of Twente. This amazing study combines skill in the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Design, with a focus on the Ideation of creative ideas and innovative solutions. During my study, I frequently worked as a teaching assistant for several courses. My bachelor thesis was awarded with a 9.

Bachelor Thesis


Notable Projects

Here you can see a few of my projects. For a full overview go to the portfolio page.

Bachelor Thesis

My research about ‘The feasibility of low-cost Virtual Reality motion tracking for rowing technique analysis’ was awarded a 9.

Lead Development

Lead Developer on a large collaboration about spirometry for children. 450+ hours of development and team management.

Augmented Reality

A mobile app for the municipality of Enschede, which brings historic figures back to life for the Boerenkerkhof graveyard.


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