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Interaction Technologist and passionate about AI & Mixed Reality. I apply my skills in technology and design to create innovative solutions with impact, in the field of public safety,  healthcare, education and entertainment. Please browse around to see my work, or contact me if I can bring value to you or your company.

Some of my Work

Emergency AI Chatbot

VR Art experience



PlaygroundVR is the virtual playground for children in hospitals, a place where they can play and socialize while stuck in bed.

I have been a Co-Owner and the Lead Developer for PlaygroundVR since December 2018. With a talented team of five people, we designed and built the virtual playground, and have brought it to children at hospitals and homes in the Netherlands, and abroad. We reached 11 hospitals and partnered with a variety of charities to broaden our impact.

We closed down PlaygroundVR in 2022.

Interaction Lab

The Interaction Lab is a place that connects different fields of research that involve interactive technology. The lab offers a space to study, interact, use, and discover new equipment.

I currently function as lead of the Lab Technician team at the lab, which means managing technologies & equipment, providing educational and technical support, and optimizing workflows.

I also host regular interactive workshops about XR & Unity3D.


I finished my bachelor’s degree in Creative Technology at the University of Twente. This amazing study combines skill in the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Design, with a focus on the Ideation of creative ideas and innovative solutions. My bachelor thesis was awarded with a 9. I am currently finishing up my education with a Master programme Interaction Technology, where I focussed on AI and Machine Learning technologies. Besides study, I am very active as a student assistant, lab assistant, and researcher.

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