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Publication – VR4VRT

After completing my Bachelor Thesis, the reserach topic was continued by several bachelor students, expanding on the original design, and covering several more research questions. This lead to the completion of a joint paper, in which Robby van Delden summarized our work, in particular the recent additions by Sascha Bergsma. The abstract is as follows;…
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Publication – How serious is serious game design?

As I have had experience on serious games during my study and minor on serious gaming, I was asked to collaborate on a research paper on the topic, and the different approaches on the design of which. Below you can read the abstract. Game design is a trending multi-million business with an accompanying large body…
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Research – Bachelor Thesis

In the concluding half-year of my bachelor study Creative Technology, I challenged myself to a new topic, rowing, with the research question “How can Virtual Reality improve the current state of indoor rowing?”. I applied my skills in game development, human-computer interaction, and Virtual Reality in the creation of a prototype which stimulates rowers to…
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