Publication – VR4VRT

After completing my Bachelor Thesis, the reserach topic was continued by several bachelor students, expanding on the original design, and covering several more research questions. This lead to the completion of a joint paper, in which Robby van Delden summarized our work, in particular the recent additions by Sascha Bergsma. The abstract is as follows;

Learning how to properly row is an intensive and injury prone process. Ergometers (i.e., rowing machines) are used as a preparatory step to train the basic steps of rowing, as well as to further improve technique and maintain stamina. In this paper we present three design iterations resulting in a new interactive system that utilizes the commercially available dynamic ergometer (RP3). Our proposed software-hardware combination uses the RP3 with the HTC Vive platform extended with three location trackers, from which the software is available on request. We will showcase how this facilitates a range of opportunities.

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