Publishing a EU-funded Unity Asset – VR to Tablet

Funded by the EU’s XR4ALL programme, we created a Unity plugin to help developers and fill a gap in the market. Together with PlaygroundVR and VRowl, we published this asset to enable cross-platform XR and mobile applications. With the help of a 50k grant from the EU.


This Unity3D plugin makes your VR applications built on the Unity XR Toolkit compatible with touch devices, such as tablets or mobile phones. It automatically translates the XR inputs to touch controls. In just a few simple steps an export is generated. This way a single Unity VR project can easily be extended to builds for touch devices. 

This plug-in can be imported into a new project, or be added to existing projects using the easy ‘upgrade existing XR rig’ functionality. You can have a single player prefab compatible with both VR and mobile devices up and running in minutes. Almost all controls can be tweaked and customized from a centralized configuration file, and UI elements for touch input are easily customized to fit the style of your game.

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