VR – KLM Catering Training Simulation

KCS is an in-flight catering company, mainly for KLM, which has a factory line to assemble the food trays. The KCS Breakdown stimulator teaches maintenance employees to recognize and solve breakdowns in a virtual version of the factory, without needing to shut down the physical production line. The recreated factory environment in Virtual Reality, allows […]

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Custom PC Build

In order to have productive Machine Learning and development hardware, I finally got to building a custom watercooled workstation PC. The process included research on parts and assembly for half a year, waiting on out of stock components for two months (Nvidea RTX 3080), and finally assembling and bugfixing for a week. Below you can

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Publication – SpiroPlay

After working as lead developer for the SpiroPlay collaboration for more than a year, the results of extensive research by many of its members is published in a concise research paper. The abstract is as follows; We have built and implemented a set of metaphors for breathing games by involving children and experts. These games

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Augmented Reality – Boerenkerkhof AR

This Augmented Reality mobile application, built for the Boerenkerkhof Graveyard in the municipality of Enschede, was built by me, with a team of students from the University of Twente. As lead developer, I was responsible for the Augmented Reality functionality, Programming, Design and publishing. For each animated story within the app, 3D animators were hired.

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