Game Jam – Out of Control

During the span of a single week, me, Joep Eijkemans and Rens van der Werff participated in the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2. This is a global competition to make a game, including all assets, around a central theme, which was Let there be Chaos this year. Below you can see and download the result, which ended up at place #220 of 1700 entries.


You play as the hero in a basic, 2D pixel-art platformer. But the person playing the game has a short temper, and as soon as you die, he rages and breaks his screen. This creates a hole that you and other elements from the game are sucked through into reality. You are, however, still bound to the controls of his keyboard, which is scattered throughout this new environment.

The player still has some controls natively, but for more complex actions like dashing or shooting fireballs, the environmental keys need to be pressed, making them both a hazard as well as an utility.

Given more time, our plan was to go full meta with this. Adding buttons for the volume and stuff like alt+tab mid game. 

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